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Northampton Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Northampton County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages

Northampton County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers 

  • Marriages to 1699
Images of Wills 1640-1645 (aged, imperfect images)
  • Burdett, Francis
  • Burdett, William
  • Chapman, Phillip
  • Drieu, Julia Ann
  • Holloway, John
  • Neale, John
  • Newton, Robert
  • Travellor, George
  • Walburn, John
Images of Wills 1645 to 1651 (aged, imperfect images)
  • Cotton, William
  • Logan, John
Images of Deeds
  • 1645-1651 (index)
  • 1651-1654 (no index)
Indexes to Probate Records (colonial-style handwriting)
  • Index to Orders, Wills, Inventories, 1645 to 1651
  • Index to Orders, Deeds, Wills, 1632 to 1640, Books 1 and 2
  • Orders, Deeds, Wills, 1640 to 1645 (includes index)
  • Index to Orders, Wills, Inventories, 1645 to 1651
Miscellaneous Wills and Estates
  • Dixon, Benjamin, Inventory dated 1772
  • Dixon, John, LWT dated 1764
  • Dixon, John, 1799 Inventory
  • Dixon, John, LWT dated 1764. Includes Accounts of Mary, Sarah and Thomas Dixon, children of John, deceased.
  • Dixon, John, LWT dated 1774
  • Dixon, Tilney, LWT dated 1764, Book 23, p. 172
  • Dixon, Tilney, Inventory dated 1764
  • Dixon, Tilney, Estate and Inventory dated 1764
  • Dixon, Tilney, LWT dated 1770; appraisement
  • Dixon, Tilney, Estate dated 1776
  • Dixon, William, Estate Returns, Inventory, etc. dated 1772
  • Dunton, Sophia, 1778 Estate
  • Evans, Esther, appraisement 1778, Book 23, p. 194
  • Johnson, Powell, Estate (1774)
  • Starling, William (1698)
  • Wilkins, Sarah, Estate 1777
County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Norfolk Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Norfolk County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages, Indexes to Probate Records

Norfolk VirginiaIf you have Virginia ancestors, Norfolk is one of the first counties to research. The earliest records survived, thus providing a scope of genealogical discoveries. Norfolk County was created in 1691 and existed as a county until 1963 when it was consolidated with the city of South Norfolk to form the new City of Chesapeake. After the American Civil War, for a period of about 100 years, portions of Norfolk County were lost and the territory of the county reduced as they became parts of the separate and growing independent cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth and South Norfolk. Many of the earliest records did not survive, but Bks have been published on Lower Norfolk County.

Suggested Books: Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Court Records: Bk A, 1637-1646 and Bk B, 1646-1651/2; Historical Southern Families by Boddie; Transcription of Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Records. Volume One: Wills & Deeds, Bk D, 1656-1666 by Brayton.

Historical Tidbits: During 1666, Walter Bruce of Nansemond County who had married the widow of Thomas Sayer, one of the most prominent citizens of Lower Norfolk, increased his stepchildren's estates by presenting them with a considerable number of cattle. His wife sold four of these during his absence from Virginia to meet the expense of sending her daughter to school. By the terms of the will of John Russell, his daughter was to continue to be educated until she should marry. Want to receive more historical tidbits on Virginians? Join our free blog

Sources: Lower Norfolk Records, vol. 1656-66, p. 438.

Norfolk County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Miscellaneous Probate Records

1674 Court Orders, Bk E, pp. 124
1675 Court Orders, Bk E, pp. 124-126
Bouring, John (1672 LWT) Order Bk E, pp. 124
Connor, Lewis and Henry Jenkins and Elizabeth Lawson, 1709, Deed Bk 8, pp. 154-156
Corbett, John and Sarah. Transaction dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123A
Johnson, Benjamin and Osborn Johnson (Land Transaction), Order Bk E, pp. 124
Mackie, Josias, LWT (transcription)
Shore, Dishard married Relict of Thomas Watkings (transaction dated 1/1669, Order Bk E, pp. 124
Smith, Humphrey. Transaction dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Thoroughgood, Margery (Deposition dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Wickliff, Mary. Deposition dated 1669, Order Bk E, pp. 123
Willoughby, Thomas (1671 Inventory) Order Bk E, pp. 125-6
Wood, John. Transaction dated 1/1669, Order Bk E, pp. 124

  • Marriages (taken from Gates County Marriage Bonds)
  • Marriages to 1699
  • Marriage Bonds 1706 to 1759
  • Marriage Register 8, 1901-1911
  • Marriage Register 9, 1911 to 1912
Indexes to Wills and Deeds
  • 1646 to 1651
  • 1651 to 1656
  • 1656 to 1666
  • 1666 to 1675
  • 1719 to 1723
  • 1721 to 1725
  • 1742 to 1749
  • 1747 to 1759
  • 1725 to 1730
  • Wills 1755 to 1772
  • Wills 1760 to 1762
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1651 to 1656 
Testators: Chessey, Thomas | Cossan, Thomas | Fowler, Robert | Gilham, Thomas | Godby, Thomas | Goodwell, Edward | Gouldinge, John | Henrys, Robert | Moseley, William | Nordham, Thomas | Powes, Robert | Riglesworth, Peter | Sherwood, Samuel | Sibsey, John | Starling, James | Ward, Thomas | Wilkinson, Arnall | Woodhouse, Henry | Workman, Thomas | Wright, Thomas
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1735 to 1753
Testators: Ashley, Edmund | Ashley, John |Ashley, William | Avis, William | Bailus, John | Ballance, Richard | Balland, William | Ballentine, David | Berford, Lawrence | Bevan, John | Boulby, Samuel | Boullen, Aaron | Burgess, Mary | Burtin, William | Butt, Benjamin | Butt, Lemuel Sr. | Butt, Nathaniel | Butt, William | Carr, Edward | Cato, Mary | Cocke, Argent | Collack, Alexander | Colley, Guerard | Colley, John | Conner, John | Conner, Lewis | Cooper, Joseph | Creekmur, Benjamin | Curling, Anthony | Dale, Richard | Denby, William | Drury, John | Edingo, Dolene | Ellegood, John | Etheridge, Jeremiah | Etheridge, Thomas | Etheridge, Thomas (2) | Ferebee, James | Godfrey, Arthur | Grant, William | Griffin, Constance | Grimes, James | Gristock, Mary | Hall, Durham | Hancock, Simon | Hansley, Edward | Harris, John | Haywood, Philemon | Hobgood, Thomas Sr.| Hodges, Richard | Holfred, Henry | Hollowell, John | Ivy, John | Jackson, Richard | Jayes, John | Joleff, John | Joy, James | Keaton, Patrick | Langley, Kessia | Langley, Nathaniel | Langley, Thomas | Levincy, Samuel | Lewelling, Abel | Lewelling, Edward | Lewelling, William | Ludgall, John | MacCoy, Richard | Mallone, Margaret | Martin, Thomas | Martin, Thomas (2)| Maund, William | McCoy, John | McIntyre, Dugald | Mercier, John | Miller, Elizabeth | Miller, Moses | Miller, William | Moray, John | Moseley, William | Mouat, Walter | Nasby, Solomon | Nasby, Solomon (2) | Nash, William | Niles, Samuel | Portlock, Nathaniel | Preweatt, Thomas | Randolph, Giles | Rogers, Samuel | Scott, John | Shepherd, John Sr. | Sherry, William | Sikes, Thomas | Smith, Samuel | Sparrow, Richard | Stewart, John | Stewart,Joseph | Talbot, Keader | Tatem, Nathaniel | Taylor, Peter | Tucker, John | Wallis, William | Warden, James | Warden, John | Ware, Elizabeth | Warren, John Sr. | Wheddon, John Sr. | Wilkins, Lemuel | Williams, Robert Sr. | Williamson, Thomas | Willoughby, Sarah | Willoughby, Thomas | Wilson, William | Wilson, William Jr. | Wishart, William | Wyatt, Amy
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1742 to 1749
Testators: Barney, Ann | Barrington, William | Bates, Beaty | Bledindin, William | Britt, Eleanor | Britt, Thomas | Butt, Richard | Calvert, Cornelius | Church, Richard | Creadle, William | Creekmur, Solomon | Creekmur, Willis | Culpeper, Robert Sr.| Davis, Richard | Davis, Edward | Etheridge, Edward | Godfrey, Jonathan | Gristock, Henry | Giles, James | Hayes, John | Holton, Francis | Hughlett, John | Iver, Timothy | Langley, Nathan | Lockhart, John | Low, Sarah | Maning, Joseph | Marine, William | Martall, James Jordan | Merry, Prittyman | Mier, Richard | Odean, William | Peaton, Timothy | Plunkett, Garratt | Portluck, John | Portluck, Paul |Raven, William | Roberts, Joseph | Salter, Christopher | Sicker, James | Simmons, James | Stanbury, John | Tappan, William | Taylor, John | Taylor, Thomas | Thompson, Benedict | Ward, Thomas | Wilkins, William
Images of Norfolk County Wills 1747 to 1759
Testators: Austin, Richard | Avery, James | Ball, Benjamin | Ballentine, Paul | Ballince, Moses | Bayley, Ann | Bayne, Alexander | Benthall, Elizabeth | Beverly, William | Breedle, Mary | Browne, Margerit | Bruce, Abraham | Bruce, Jonas | Carney, Philip | Carney, Thomas | Cawson, Christopher | Cherry, John | Colley, John | Conner, Craford | Cottel, Elizabeth | Crickmore, William | Denby, Charles | Dyes, Robert | Eastwood, James | Etheridge, James | Gardner, Christopher | Gibson, John | Godfrey, Daniel | Godfrey, Thomas | Grant, Edward | Grimes, William | Happer, William | Hobgood, Thomas | Hodges, William | Huslitt, John | Jarvis, Thomas | Johnson, Joseph | Langley, Lydia | Langley, William | Lewelling, Thomas | Lilburn, Alexander | Lines, Mary | Manning, John | McKenzie, John | McNeill, Duncan | Miers, Elizabeth | Meirs, James | Miller, Peleg | Millison, James | Montier, James | Moon, John | Mosley, Arthur | Moseley, Christopher | Murrey, John | Nash, Sarah | Newhook, Dinah | Owens, Thomas | Portlock, William | Portlock, William (2) | Powell, William | Randolph, Solomon | Richson, Moses | Sikes, John | Smith, James C. | Snale, Thomas | Stroud, Matthew | Talbott, John | Taylor, Richard | Thompson, Cyprian | Tucker, Marmaduke | Warren, James | Willoughby, Ann | Wilson, Solomon | Wilson, Thomas | Wright, Kelly
Images of Wills 1755 to 1772
Testators: Archer, Edward; Arnott, James; Ballentine, John; Barlow, Henry; Bartee, Samuel; Benthall, Elizabeth; Berry, George; Bickardick, Richard; Bonfield, Benjamin; Broadhurst, Mary; Brodie, Martha; Brown, John; Bruce, Abraham; Bruce, Alexander; Bruce, Lemuel; Bull, Robert; Butler, Charles; Butt, James; Butt, Thomas; Butt, William; Butts, Solomon Sr.; Butts, Thomas; Calvert, Sanders; Cann, John; Carney, John; Carter, Joseph; Carter, Mary; Church, Joseph; Cleeves, James; Colley, John: Colley, Sanders ; Conally, Matthew; Condall, Frances; Conner, Craford; Consoloo, Charles; Cornock, Margaret; Coultess, John; Creekmur, Joab; Creekmur, Joshua; Creekmur, Mary; Creekmur, Solomon; Crindle, Mary; Dale, Daniel; Dale, Peter; Dale, William; Dale, William (2); Dale, Winfield; Denby, Matthias; Dickson, James; Easther, James; Ellegood, Jacob; Ellegood, John; Ellis, Ann; Etheridge, Elizabeth ; Etheridge, Margaret; Ferebee, John; Fife, Nathan; Foreman, Alexander ;Gardner, Christopher; Godfrey, Dinah; Godfrey, Matthew ;Gooding, William; Gray, William; Grimes, Thomas; Grover, Joseph; Guy, Benjamin; Guy, John; Halstead, Drew ; Happer, Sarah; Henderson, James; Herbert, Nathaniel ; Hewlet, John; Hodges, Joseph; Hodges, Richard; Hodges, Robert; Hodges, William; Hodges, William (2) ; Holstead, Simon ; Hutchings, John; Ince, John Jr. ; Ingham, John; Ives, Robert; Ives, Sarah; Ivy, William; Jameson, Henry; Jameson, John: Jarvis, Thomas; Johnson (alias Weston), John; Johnson, Joseph; Kelly, Daniel; Kelsick, Richard; Kingston, Paul; Lambeth, David; Langley, Willis;Lemount, Hardiss ;Leverage, William; Lewelling, Alice ;Lilburn, Olive ;Linus, Martha; Livingston, Sarah; Mackie, Robert; Manning, William; Martin, John; Mathews, John; Matthias, Elenor; MeCoy, Samuel; McCloud, Daniel; Mercer, John ;Miller, Henry; Miller, Matthias; Moore, William; Morris, Thomas; Mound, Lott ;Nash, William; Newton, George;Nicholason, John ;Nicholson, Joshua; Nosay, Thomas; Owens, John; Owings, John; Petsworth, William; Peyton, John; Portlock, Charles; Portlock, Edward; Portlock, Elizabeth ;Powell, John; Power, Sampson; Poyner, Jonathan;Prescott, William; Ramsey, George;Roberts, Samuel Sr.; Rogers, Phillis;Ross, John; Rothery, Henry; Sackhart, Joseph; Savells, Solomon; Scott, Alexander ;Scott, Richard; Shipwash, John; Sikes, William; Simmons, Jean ;Simmons, John; Simpson, Jonathan; Singleton, Anthony; Smith, Butler; Smith, John; Smith, Josiah; Smith, Peter;Southerland, Ann; Stafford, William; Stanner, John; Stole, Barbara; Streep, John; Stroud, Mary; Suggs, Joseph; Sweny, Ann; Tabb, William; Talbot, John; Tatem, Nathaniel ;Thelaball, James; Taylor, Thomas; Taylor, William; Thompson, Thomas; Thruston, Edward ;Tucker, John; Tucker, Robert; Wakefield, William; Wallace, Richard; Wallace, William; Wallis, Ann;Wallis, John; Wallis, Solomon ;Walsh, Richard; Warren, Christian; Warren, Peter; Waterworth, Joseph; Watkins, John; Webb, Robert; Westcoat, Susanna; Westcott, Wright; White, Archibald;Whitehurst, Richard; Wilkins, James; Wilkins, John; Williams, Edward ; Williams, John ; Williams, John Sr. ; Williams, Willis; Williamson, John ; Williamson, Joshua ; Williamson, Roger; Willoughby, Lemuel ; Wilson, Dinah; Wilson, James; Wilson, James Sr. ; Wilson, Thomas; Wilson, Willis Sr.; Wishart, Thomas; Wooden, William; Wright, John; Wright, John ; Wright, Thomas
Images of Wills 1760 to 1762
Testators: Barlow, Henry Jr. | Bridges, Amey | Brown, Patrick | Bruce, Thomas | Buntin, James | Burgess, Robert | Busch, Maximillion | Butt, James | Calvert, Mary Sr. | Carney, Barnaby | Chamberlaine, George | Cherry, Hilley | Cherry, Spring | Christian, Edward | Colintine, John | Connelly, Matthew | Creekmore, Joseph | Dison, Perry | Donahon, Mary | Ellegood, John | Etheredge, Amos | Etheredge, Bethiah | Etheredge, Margrett | Freeman, Thomas | Gasking, Samuel | Godfrey, Elizabeth | Godfrey, Nathaniel | Granberry, James | Hare, Thomas | Herbert, Markom | Hodges, Joseph Jr. | Hodges, Sarah | Hodges, William | Hollowell, Holstead | Ingham, John | Jameson, John | Joloff, Martha | Kelsick, Richard | Langley, Mary | Lewelling, Richard | Lindsay, Jean Boyd | MacCoy, Cader | Manning, Solomon | Matthias, Eleanor | Phino, John | Portlock, Charles | Porter, William | Potsworth, William | Rethery, Daniel | Rogers, Philis | Shepard, Samuel | Shore, Robert | Silvester, Richard William | Simmons, John | Smith, Josiah | Smith, Peter | Stafford, William | Sutton, Ashbury | Sweny, Daniel | Tatem, Trimagsin | Tucker, John | Tucker, Mary | Wallis, Aim or Jim | Watkins, John | Webb, Robert | White, Mary | White, Patrick | Wilkins, Robert | Williams, John Sr. | Wilson, James | Wishold, Wright | Woodhouse, Richard | Wormington, William Sr. | Wright, John | Wright, Thomas
Images of Wills 1772 to 1788
Testators: Abyvon, George | Archer, Dinah |Aves, William |Bachelor, John | Bacon, Richard | Bailey, William |Ballance, Ephraim | Bartee, John | Bartee, Robert | Bartee, William |Bayley, William |Bayley, William | Bayne, Elizabeth | Blake, Richard | Blews, Samuel |Boush, Arthur | Boush, Goodrich | Bowers, Robert | Bracegirdle, Frederick | Bramble, Willis | Brasser, Henryl | Bressie, Samuel |Britton, Bennett | Brown, Henryl |Brown, Jonas | Brown, Thomas | Bruce, Abraham | Bruce, James | Bull, Jonah | Bunting, William |Burgess, Nathaniel | Bustin, Benjamin | Butt, Anthony | Butt, Caleb | Butt, Ede | Butt, Edward | Butts, Mary | Butt, Samuel | Butts, Thomas | Butt, William |Calvert, Maximillian | Calvert, Samuel | Carlston, George | Carnaby, Barnaby | Carnaby, Philip | Carney, Richard | Carney, William | Carter, Robert | Cawson, Margaret | Claiborne, Thomas | Collins, Timothy | Conaway, James | Conner, Charles Jr. | Coverley, Samuel | Creech, Thomas | Creekmur, Abel | Creekmur, Edmund | Creekmur, Foreman | Creekmur, Frances | Creekmur, Mary | Culpeper, Daniel | Culpeper, Robert | Davis, Richard | Davis, Samuel | Deans, Solomon | Denby, Nathaniel | Dunn, John | Easter, Thomas | Eastwood, Francis | Eastwood, Richard | Edward, John | Ellis, John | Ellis, William | Etheridge, Luke | Fentriss, John | Fisher, Eldred | Foreman, Jeremiah | Forrester, Alace | Fortt, Thomas | Freedly, Michael | Fritts, Christian | Gilchrist, John | Gilchrist, Robert | Godfrey, John | Godfrey, Keziah | Goldsby, William | Goodrich, Edward | Grant, John Sr. | Grimes, James | Hall, Thomas | Harper, David | Henetter, Paul | Herbert, Christopher| Herbert, Henry Sr.|Herbert, Josiah | Herbert, Thomas | Hewlit, Francis |Hodges, Benjamin |Hodges, Benjamin (2)|Hodges, Ferebee | Hodges, Hillary |Holt, James | Hudson, Ann |Hughes, Edward |Hurt, John |Hutchings, Zachariah | Ingram, Content | Ives, John | Ivy, Elizabeth | Jackson, Joel | Jameson, James | Jolliff, James | Jolliff, John | Jolliff, Richard | Jordan, Francis | Joyce, Martain | Kelley, Matthew | Kerr, Robert | Kilsick, Richard | King, Robert | Lachlan, John | Lane, Augustus | Lane, Robert | Langley, James | Langley, Joseph | Langley, Samuel | Lee, John | Lewelling, Benjamin | Lewelling, John | Lisborn, Catherine | Livingston, John | Lowrey, Jacob | Lugh, Francis | Lush, Andrew | Lush, Daniel | Mackey, Patrick | Manning, Elisha | Manning, Elizabeth | Manning, John | Mathias, Johnathan | McMickin, Hugh | McPherson, Andrew | McPherson, William | MeCloud, John | McCoy, Richard | Miller, Mason | Miller, Moses | Miller, William | Moore, Thomas | Moseley, Bassett | Mosely, William | Murden, Jeremiah Sr.| Murden, John | Nichols, Henryl | Nicholson, James | Northcutt, Amos | Nosay, Daniel | Parsons, Willis | Philpot, Lettison | Phripp, John | Poole, Nicholas | Portlock, John | Portlock, Martha | Powell, John | Powell, Joshua | Powell, Lemuel | Powell, Richard | Powell, Richard (2)| Power, Elizabeth | Pugh, Edward | Purcell, David | Robinson, Robert | Rose, Peter | Scott, John | Scott, Sarah | Shewcraft, Simon | Schuster, Richard | Shields, Matthew | Shore, John | Sikes, Jesse | Simmons, John | Smallwood, Charles | Smarr, Andrew | Smith, Charles | Smith, Sarah | Smith, William | Steed, Robert | Southerland, John | Sparrow, James | Talbot, Isaac | Talbot, Thomas | Talbot, William | Tart, Mary | Tart, Thomas | Tart, William | Taylor, Ann | Taylor, James | Taylor, John | Taylor, Margaret | Thelaball, James | Thelaball, Elizabeth | Thelaball, William | Thomas, Charles | Thompson, Isaac Truss, Gideon | Tucker, Robert | Tucker, William | Veale, George | Veals, George | Viatt, John | Wallace, David | Waller, Hardess | Ward, Thomas | White, Gideon | White, Keziah | Wiatt, Shadrick | Wilkins, John | Wilkins, Joshua | Wilkins, William | Williams, Thomas | Williamson, John | Williamson, Robert | Willoughby, John Sr. | Willoughby, Martha | Willoughby, T.| Wilson, John | Wingate, John | Wishun, Joel | Wonycott, Alphia | Woneycott, Nicholas | Worden, John | Wright, David | Wright, Stephen

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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New Kent Co. Virginia Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

New Kent County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Probate Records, Marriages

New Kent Court House

Captain John Smith visited this area in 1607 and since that time many Europeans began immigrating into Virginia. New Kent County once formed part of Charles River County, one of the eight shires into which the colony of Virginia was divided in 1634. It origiinally included part or all of the present day counties of King & Queen, King William, Spotsylvania and Hanover, the modern day borders of New Kent took place in 1766 through exchange of land with James City County. Actually, researchers will see the mention of "Brick House". This was the first town and this was the seat of the first government. This historical site knows its history, starting with Nathaniel Bacon who, when the Governor refused to do anything about Indians who killed settlers and looted the area, formed his famous rebellion among his neighbors. The historical genealogy of the Bacon family is traced on Virginia Pioneers and is available to members. The village of New Kent appears to have been the County seat since 1691. Most of the County's colonial records were destroyed in the burning of the clerk's office in 1787, and later records were destroyed in the burning of Richmond during the Civil War. Providence Forge was one of the earliest settlements and the site of a colonial forge that was destroyed by Banister Tarleton during the Revolutionary War. Another site, St. Peter's Church at Talleysville was established in 1678 and built in 1701. It was enlarged in 1740 by the addition of a tower and vestry room and in the 1760's by the building of a north wing, believed to have been torn down in 1854. Martha Dandridge Custis who lived in White House on the Pamunkey, worshiped here at the time of her marriage to George Washington. The road leading from Richmond to Williamsburg is one oldest roads in America. 

New Kent Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers 


New Kent County Marriages to 1699 

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills 1864-1887
  • Index to Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, 1880-1938
Images of Wills 1864-1887

Testators: Adams John;Apperson, John C.;Atkinson, Thomas M.;Atkinson, William F.;Bailey, Nancy;Baker, Sarah;Bailey, William B.;Bond William;Bowles, Ira;Brawers, William B.;Chandler, Harman;Chandler, Robert;Christian, Ann; Couch, Isaac;Craborn, Judith;Crump, Anderson;Crump, William B.; Drake, Robert;Ellyson, Daniel;Elmore, James;Foster, Sarah;Fox, Susan;Gordon, John N.;Higgins, John;Higgins, Josiah;Jones, Chesley;Jones, Roland;Lester, Elizabeth;MacGhee, John;Merry, William B.;Moody, Phil;Odell, Thomas;Otey, Isaac;Parrish, Mary; Pervue, Alexander;Pearman, Thomas;Pollard, Caroline Nelson; Pollard, E. D.;Pollard, Jane;Pollard, William A.;Rabineau, William F.;Richardson, John;Rives, Nathaniel;Royster, Susan; Savage, Harriett;Sherman, Henly;Slater, John;Smith, William C.; Stamper, James;Tally, Nannie;Taylor, Richard B.;Terrell, Leigh; Terrell, William;Timberlake, Benjamin;Timberlake, Sally;Timberlake, William J.;Tyree, Mary;Vaiders, William;Williams, David;Williams, Leroy 

Images of Wills 1880-1891

Testators: Bailey, Patsey; Binn, Charles;Brackett, William;Brundridge, Willmette;Burton, Lucy; Carter, William J.;Cook, R. P.;Crabben, Jessie;Cumber, Warren; Dandridge, B. W.;Davis, John A.;Davis, John B.;Farinholt, Robert;Harman, Leroy;Harris, C. C.;Harris, John T.;Hewlett, Augustine Delaware;Hewlett, C. A.; Hicks, Bentley;Hicks, Clarissa;Higgins, Charles P.;Hill, C. B.;Hilliard, Mary Ann; Hubbard, Bowen;Johnson, Mary E.;Jones, Maria Louisa;Jones, Vernon J.;Lewis, Kittie;Mason, Sarah;Masters, Henry;Morris, Benjamin;Otey, Sarah;Parkinson, James;Pearsen, John;Semple, James;Slater, Edwin;Spearman, Thomas;Timberlake, Courtney; Timberlake, Harman;Timberlake, James W.;Tomson, Pleasant; Townsend, Ebenezer;Turner, Henry;Turnstall, Miles;Tunstall, Thomas C.;Walls, Robert 

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Jeannette Austin 

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Nelson Co. VA Tax Digests #virgiiniapioneersnet #vagenealogy

Nelson County Genealogy and Tax Digests

Crabtree Falls

Nelson County was established in 1807 when it was separated from Amherst County and is named for Thomas Nelson, Jr., a signer of the Declaration of Independence who also served as a Governor of Virginia.
Nelson County Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Tax Digests

1809 Nelson County Tax Digest
1810 Nelson County Tax Digest
1811 Nelson County Tax Digest
1812 Nelson County Tax Digest
1813 Nelson County Tax Digest
1814 Nelson County Tax Digest
1815 Nelson County Tax Digest
1816 Nelson County Tax Digest
1817 Nelson County Tax Digest
1818 Nelson County Tax Digest
1819 Nelson County Tax Digest
1820 Nelson County Tax Digest
1820 Nelson County Tax Digest
1820 Nelson County Tax Digest
1821 Nelson County Tax Digest
1822 Nelson County Tax Digest
1823 Nelson County Tax Digest
1824 Nelson County Tax Digest
1825 Nelson County Tax Digest
1826 Nelson County Tax Digest
1827 Nelson County Tax Digest
1828 Nelson County Tax Digest
1829 Nelson County Tax Digest
1830 Nelson County Tax Digest

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Nansemond Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Nansemond County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Indexes to Probate Records, Tax Digests

494 Kingsale Road, Holland, VirginiaIn 1634, the King of England directed the formation of eight shires (or counties) in the colony of Virginia. One of these was Elizabeth City Shire, which included land area on both sides of Hampton Roads. New Norfolk County was formed in 1636 from Elizabeth City Shire. It included all the area in South Hampton Roads. In 1637, New Norfolk County was divided into Upper Norfolk County and Lower Norfolk County and Upper Norfolk County became Nansemond County in 1646. Now an extinct county, Nansemond is part of the City of Suffolk, where the records are now located. 

Note: All of the probate records burned during the Civil War. Nansemond County is no longer in existence. The records were sent to Suffolk, Virginia. 

Nansemond County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to Members of Virginia Pioneers 

Pictured is the site of 404 Kingsale Road, Holland, (now Suffolk, Virginia) (left) and the site of 504 Kingsale Road, Holland, (now Suffolk, Virginia)(right). 

  • Nansemond County Marriages to 1699; taken from Gates County, North Carolina (1783 to 1877) and miscellaneous sources
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills and Inventories 1866-1872
  • Wills and Inventories 1900-1909
  • Wills and Estates 1909 to 1919
  • Fiduciaries 1866 to 1889
Nansemond County Fee Book (Clerk's records of lawsuits, wills filed, etc.) 1770-1800
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames A-B
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames C-D
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames E-F
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames G-H
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames I-J
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames K-M
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames N-O
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames P-Q
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames R-S
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames T-U
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames U-V
  • Abstracts of Feebooks 1789-1800, Surnames W-Z
Miscellaneous Accounts in Feebooks
  • Holland, Carr
  • Holland, Elias and Esther
  • Holland, Everitt
  • Holland, Jacob
  • Holland, James, admr of Henry Holland, deceased
  • Holland, John and Joseph Sr.
  • Holland, Joseph
  • Holland, Joseph (2)
  • Holland, Joseph Sr.
  • Holland, Solomon
  • Holland, Solomon and Job
  • Holland, Thomas
  • Holland, William and Elias
  • Holland, William and George
  • Holland, William, Elias, Arthur and Job
History of Nansemond County 

Digital Images of Old Wills Recovered, 1676 to 1824 (re-filed in Will Book 1909 to 1919)
Testators: Godwin, Thomas; Godwin, Thomas; Godwin, Thomas; Godwin, Thomas; Yeates, John
Digital Images of Wills 1866-1872 
Names of Testators: Ames, John; Ames, Mary Ann; Atcher, Stephen; Archer, William; Babbs, Samuel; Banes, Nancy Jane ; Boyt, Nancy; Briggs, Merit; Bryant, Joshua; Bunch, Julia A.; Burn, Thomas; Cohoon, John C.; Colburn, James; Creecy, Lemuel; Cross, Hardy; Darden, Edward H., estate; Darden, John D. H., estate; Darden, Sally, estate ; Draper, William H.; Duke, Elisha; Daughtrey, Elizabeth, estate; Daughtrey, Jacob K.; Dorton, Joseph, estate; Eley, Josiah, estate; Elliott, Sarah; Ellis, Wilson; Eppes, Hamlin L.; Frost, Priscilla; Godwin, George; Goodman, Barnes ; Goodman, James; Graves, James; Gray, Hal; Griffin, Richard H.; Harrell, Isaac; Harris, James H.; Harrison, Margaret; Hatchell, Armstead; Holland, Augustus H.; Holland, Harrison; Holland, Margaret Sr.; Holladay, Edith; Holladay, Francis D.; Howell, David; Jenkins, Elizabeth; Johnson, Isaac; Jones, Wiley; Jones, William M.; Joyner, William; Kerr, William Harvey; King, William; Langston, Lot; Lawrence, James; Lawrence, Robert; Lee, Isaac; Lewis, Mary A.; Livesey, Joshua; Mansfield, Joseph W.; McAlister, Andrew; McClenny, Ellen; Milteer, Daniel; Milteer, Ednie; Minton, John; Murphey, Josiah; Murray, Robert; Norfleet, Elisha; Norfleet, John Sr.; Norfleet, Rebecca; Parker, Henry; Parker, Robert; Perry, Jesse; Phelps, James; Phillips, Nathaniel; Porter, Zachariah; Pruden, David; Pruden, John C.; Pruden, Mary; Raby, Rispey; Rawls, Ann, estate ; Rawls, John Sr.; Rawls, Justin; Rawls, Uriah, Rev., estate; Reddick, James; Reddick, Josiah Sr.; Reddick, Mills; Rogers, James; Ross, John; Saunders, Edith; Saunders, Joseph; Savage, James, estate; Savage, Jethro, estate; Savage, Oliver P., estate; Savage, Whitmell; Smith, Arthur; Smith, Washington C.; Spence, Wilson; Stallings, Richard; Vann, Demsey; Vann, Dempsey, contd.; Webb, Robert Henning ; Whitfield, Edward ; Wilder, John W.; Wilkins, Samuel, estate; Wilkinson, John Thomas; Wilkinson, Martha ; Williamson, Richard, estate; Wright, Belson
Digital Images of Fiduciary Settlements(Orphans) Book O, 1863 to 1865 
Names of Orphans: Allen; Ballard; Brinkley; Collins; Copeland; Cothen; Darden; Daughtrey; Dozier; Gary ;Gaskins; Hodges;Keeling; Langston; Lewis; Manning; Moore; Powell; Smith (Robert); Savage; Skinner; Wright
Digital Images of Wills 1909 to 1919
Testators: Abell, Edwin P.; Allen, Fannie E.; Archer, Aaron; Artman, Hiram T.; Ashley, R. D.; Atkinson, Robert H.; Baines, J. H.; Baker, Henry; Ballard, Cicero; Ballard, John W.; Bartman, Maggie; Berry, Frances ; Borland, T. R.; Bradshaw, Mary E.; Brinkley, James H.; Brinkley, L. Parker; Brothers, William H.; Butler, John A.; Butts, George W.; Camp, William N. ; Carre, Mary Ann ; Chapman, Josiah ; Cobb, Msry Elizabeth; Coggins, George L.; Copeland, Burrell; Copeland, Hanah; Copeland, Samuel; Copeland, William Henry; Cowling, Mary E.; Crocker, Nancy; Cross, Edward; Cross, Garrison; Cross, Israel; Cross, Lamb; Cross, Matildia; Dann, Alice; Deans, Parthenia; Dewitt, Cornelius; Dillard, Temhia J.; Dixon, John H.; Doles, Robert M.; Duke, Charles C.; Dumville, Benjamin; Dumville, Sarah; Edwards, Susana; Ellis, Thomas J.; Faulk, William M.; Flynn, Adaline; Fulgham, Martha W.; Gardner, John L.; Gaskins, Margaret S.; Gilliam, Richard C.; Godwin, Edmond; Godwin, Joseph; Godwin, Mills; Goodman, William G.; Grandy, G. W. Sr.; Grant, Bell; Gray, James J.; Gray, Josiah ; Gray, Mary E.; Hare, Joseph J. ; Hargroves, Julia Tatem; Harrell, John T.; Harrell, William Thomas; Hazelwood, Sidney B.; Heck, James R.; Higginbotham, John P.; Holland, Frederick L.; Holland, Frederick L.(2); Holland, Jason P. ; Holland, Job Sr.; Holland, Joseph Frank; Holland, Martha E.; Holland, W. H., estate; Holland, W. S.; Holland, Z. T., estate ; Horton, Moses E.; Hunter, Margaret T.; Ives, Mary ; Johnson, Bertha ; Johnson, Margaret Ann ; Jones, Henry; Jones, Maggie E.; Jordan, Mary Driver; Keeter, Marietta M.; Kelley, James B.; King, John A.; Langford, Martha; Lassiter, Joseph F.; Lawrence, Elizabeth; Lawrence, J. W.; Lawrence, Mary E.; Lee, Willis J.; Luke, James W;. Martin, John W. E.; Mayo, Sally W.; McClenny, Sally; Milby, William B.; Milteer, Daniel; Milteer, John T.; Milteer, Mary Ann; Mizell, William; Morris, Calvin; Newby, Celia Elizabeth; Newsom, Julia; Norfleet, Sarah E.; Pace, Edward W.; Pace, Elizabeth Widgeon; Page, Media A.; Parker, Joseph A.; Phifer, Margaret Ann; Pierce, John T.; Pierce, William A.; Porter, Margarett E.; Powell, Chetta R. Powell, Isham; Pruden, A. J. Mrs.; Quillin, Susan Ellen Caroline; Raby, Allen; Ramey, Thomas; Ranstead, Lyman T.; Rawles, Hugh K.; Rawls, Luther; Rawles, William; Redd, Wiley; Royster, Margaret A.; Rodgers, Dolly; Rowley, George; Ruffin, Lelia; Ruffin, Lymus; Saunders, Adolphus ; Saunders, Diana O.; Saunders, Hurley K.; Saunders, Tazewell J.; Savage, Alexander; Savage, H. W.; Savage, Josephine; Scott, Ann; Scott, Nancy J.; Seguine, James S.; Skeeter, Henry; Smith, O. V.; Sullivan, Mary J.; Tatem, Robert H.; Taylor, A. E. Mrs.; Turner, Atkinson W.; Turner, Mary Ann; Upshur, Anna Green; Voight, Oscar L.; Washburn, Robert; Weston, W. S.; White, Edwin T.; Whitfield, William E.; Whitley, John Jacob; Wilkins, George C.; Williams, W. V. H.; Williamson, R. H.; Wills, Mattie ; Wilmer, Skipwith; Woodard, W. V. B.; Wright, Mary J.; Wright, T. J.
Miscellaneous Wills and Estates; Nansemond County Estates; Upper Parish Deeds
Allen, Edward (abstract); Bennett, Richard (Governor), transcript; Charlton, Francis, LWT (transcript); Darden, John, LWT (transcript); Holland, Job, LWT (image;) Holland, Lewis C., LWT (transcript); Jones, Allen, LWT (transcript); Lassister, George, LWT (transcript); Lear, John, LWT (transcript from Craven County, NC); McKinzie, John, LWT (transcript from Craven County,NC) ; Riddick, Willis, LWT (transcript); Riddick, Joziah

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Montgomery Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Montgomery County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Property Taxes,

Montgomery County VirginiaMontgomery County was established in 1777 from Fincastle County and was named after General Richard Montgomery of the Revolutionary War, killed in 1775 while attempting to capture Quebec City, Canada. County seat: Christianburg, Virginia. Early Settlers: Jasper Garlick, John Robinson, Henry Price, Isaac Taylor, Enoch Muirhead, Charles Stapleton, Alexander Baine, Adam Wiser, Joseph McDonald, Michael Drake, Thomas Lewis, William Deweese, William Lyons. 

Montgomery County Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Images of Will Book 1, 1796 to 1809
Testators:Allen, Nicholas; Baine, Alexander ;Beckett, Richard; Bowles, William ;Boyles, Daniel ;Brook, Palserly ;Brown, Margaret; Burnett, James ;Copher, Joseph ;Cubbage, George ;Davis, John ;Deweese, William ;Drake, Michael ;Garlick, Jasper ;Heavener, Philip ;Howell, Benjamin;Lawrence, John ;Lewis, Thomas ;Lyons, William ;McDonald, Joseph ;McDonald, Susanna ;Muirhead, Enoch ;Owens, David ;Pepper, Samuel ;Price, George ;Price, Henry ;Price, Michael ;Rayburn, John ;Robinson, John ;Read, George Jr. ;Scott, John ;Shell, Jacob; Shell, John Sr. ;Shovelbarger, Jacob ;Smith, Frederick ;Smith, Matthew ;Stapleton, Charles; Taylor, Isaac ;Taylor, Isaac(2) ;Taylor, William ;Thompson, John ;Wade, David ;Wall, Adam ;Waterson, John ;Weddle, Benjamin ;Wiser, Adam;

Images of Wills, Book 2, 1809 to 1817 
Testators:Baker, Josiah; Barkett, Gardner ;Bratten, James ;Burk, Samuel ;Connor, Daniel ;Deyerle, Peter ;Dulaney, Samuel; Farmer, Thompson ;Frazer, Henry ;Gardner, John Sr. ;Goodson, Thomas ;Graham, Jacob ;Harless, David ;Huff, Absalom; Henderson, John; Kent, Jacob ;Kester, Philip ;Kirby, William ;Lykins, Marcus ;McNeely, William ;Pate, Christina; Rayburn, James ;Robinson, Gertrude ;Scott, Matthew ;Shell, Jacob ;Shelton, Lawrence ;Smith, Margaret ;Taylor or Traylor, George; Taylor, John ;Thompson, James ;Townsley, James ;Walwood, William;West, Isaac ;White, Richard;Wood, James
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills, Estates, Deeds, 1796 to 1809.
  • Index to Wills, Estates, Deeds, 1809 to 1817.
Tax Digests
  • Property Tax 1782
  • Property Tax 1787 to 1789

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Middlesex Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Middlesex County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Court House Records

WythevilleNote: When researching Princess Anne County for ancestors, Norfolk County should also be examined as the names betweeke all possible care to apprehend Capt. Kidd, who had recently seized a ship in the West Indies." In 1687, Richard Wills of Middlesex County was a man of great wealth. His house, which had received several additions from time to time, contained eight rooms and one closet, with an attached kitchen and dairy. Corbin Griffin of Middlesex County had a home of six rooms, a kitchen and two closets, and his estate was valued at 1131 pounds. The largest personalty appraised by order of the court was that of Robert Beverley. It consisted of property amounting to 1531 pounds in value, with debts owed him in the form of tobacco, 331,469 pounds, and in the form of metallic money, 801 pounds. Robert Dudley had an estate valued at 548 pounds. 

Sources: Records of Middlesex County, Beverley inventory; Willis inventory, original vol. 1698-1618, p. 168; Griffin, original vol. 1698-1713, p. 134;Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce, vol. 2; Records of Middlesex County, vol. 1604-1703, page 165. Virginia Historical Tidbits. Join our free blog 


Middlesex County Marriages to 1699 

Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1698 to 1713 
Testators: Boseley, Elizabeth ;Davis, David; Downing, William ;Dudley, Robert ;Griffin, Corbin ;Haslewood, Mary ;Head, Mary ;King, John ;Mullins, William ;Passatt, Richard ;Porter, William ;Smith, John ;Thacker, Edwin;Williams, Thomas;Wormeley, Ralph
Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1713 to 1734 
Testators: Allen, Richard Sr. ;Bannerman, Mark; Batchelor, John ;Berry, John; Bristow, John ;Causen, Thomas ;Crank, Thomas ;Davis, Mary ;Dodson, John ;George, David ;Gibbs, John ;Goddin, Thomas ;Gordon, William; Halfot, Henry; Jacoby, Joseph ; Jones, Thomas ; Jordan, James ; Montague, William ; Nash, John ; Robinson, Judith ;Sandeford, Joan ;Shurley, Thomas ;Smith, John ;Smith, John ;Smith, Thomas ;Tinnly, William ;Williamson, Benjamin ;Williamson, Robert ;Wormeley, Ralph
Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1740 to 1748 
Testators: Allen, John ; Batchelor, Samuel ; Bette, Thompson ; Blake, John ; Bristow, Mary ; Bristow, William ;Brooks, Jonathan ;Brown, Robert ;Buchanon, Henry ;Carter, John; Cheap, Patrick ; Clark, Edward ; Condon, David; Daniel, James ; Daniel, Robert ; Daniel, William ; Dudley, Jean ; Dudley, Robert ; Edwards, James ; Fearn, John; Graves, Alexander ; Greenwood, James ; Hammitt, William ; Handley, Elizabeth ; Hardin, George ; Harwick, Philip ;Howard, Youstice; Johnson, William ;Jones, William ;Riley, John ; Seers, Joseph ;Segar, John ;Shaw, Thomas ;Smith, Cary ;Smith, John ;Stanard, Elizabeth ; Street, Richard ;Thurston, William ;Tuggle, Henry

Miscellaneous Wills

William Daniel (1695) 

Abstracts of Wills
  • Wills and Inventories, abstracts (1713-1727)

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Mecklenburg Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Mecklenburg County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Probate Records

Mecklenburg CountyMecklenburg County was organized on March 1, 1765, having split off from Lunenburg County in 1764 as the result of the passage of an Act by the Virginia General Assembly. The result was that Lunenburg was divided in three counties, Lunenburg, Charlotte and Meklenburg. 

Mecklenburg County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers 

Images of Wills 1765 to 1782 
--Note: These old documents were pasted together and there is some blurring -- 

Anderson, Thomas | Arnoll, James | Arnoll, James (2) | Atkinson, John | Baker, Zachariah | Baskerville, George | Bell, William | Bland, Merit | Bott, Ann | Bugg, Jacob | Bugg, Samuel | Burnett, John | Burton, Hutchins | Burton, Nowel | Burwell, Thacker | Cheatham, Leonard | Clarke, Jesse | Cockerham, Philip | Connell, Robert | Cooper, James | Cox, Bowling | Cradle, Briant | Dortch, Noah | Eastland, Thomas | Fargason, Sarah | Fox, Richard | Griffin, Francis | Greenwood, James | Greenwood, Robert | Greer, Joseph | Harris, William | Hatchell, William | Hester, Abraham | Hill, William | Holloway, James | Holmes, Isaac | Holmes, Samuel | Hudson, Charles | Hudson, Christopher | James, Robert | Jefferson, Field | Jeffries, John Jr. | Johnson, Daniel | Ladd, William | Lambert, James | Lawton, John | Lee, Walter | Lewis, Edward | Lucas, William | Luck, Dennis | Mabry, Anne | Maclin, Thomas | Mason, Ann | Mason, Thomas | Murphey, John | Murray, John | Phillips, Martin | Poole, William | Pughe, John | Ragsdale, Benjamin | Reed, John | Roberts, Alexander | Roberts, John | Rudd, Joseph | Ruffin, John | Ruffin, John (2) | Russell, Richard | Shelton, John | Skelton, William | Smith, Preston | Smith, Robert | Speed, John Jr. | Stewart, Martha | Stovall, Thomas | Stroud, John | Tarry, Samuel | Taylor, Thomas Sr. | Taylor, William | Thomason, James | Thompson, Wells | Tillman, Roger | Townsen, William | Tucker, James Tucker, Mat | Walker, Edward | Watson, James | Whitterman, Abraham | Whittmore, Lewis | Wiles, Robert | Willis, Richard | Wilton, Richard | Wright, Reuben | Young, Richard | 

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills 1782-1788
  • Index to Wills 1788-1798
  • Index to Deed Book 5, 1777 to 1778
  • Index to Deed Book 6, 1779 to 1786
  • Index to Deed Book 7, 1786 to 1791
  • Index to Deed Book 8, 1792 to 1795
  • Index to Deed Book 9, 1795 to 1797
  • Index to Deed Book 10, 1798 to 1801
Images of Wills 1782-1788 

Testators: Arnold, John | Ballard, John | Blackbourne, Thomas (first page missing from will book) | Bowen, Hicks | Bressie, Elizabeth | Bugg, Jacob | Burwell, Lewis | Camp, John | Carleton, Thomas Christopher, David | Clark, James | Clemonds, Edmund | Collins, Howell | Culbreath, William | Delony, Henry | Duncan, George | Evans, Thomas | Fox, William | Gregory, William | Hill, William | Hix, Amos | Johnson, James | Jones, Robert | Malone, Drury | Malone, Jones | Marable, Matthew | Marshall, John | Maynard, Nicholas | McNeel, John | Munford, R. | Newton, Henry | Ornsbey, Matt | Parish, John | Parish, Peter | Parish, Samuel | Perkins, David | Puryear, John | Puryear, Seymour | Ramsey, Gilbert | Roffe, William | Sandyland, James | Simpson, Richard | Smith, Drury | Speed, John | Stanback, George | Talley, Abraham | Taylor, Goodwyn | Vaughan, William | Walker, Silvanus | Watson, Isaac 

Images of Wills 1788-1798

Testators: Allen, William | Baker, Jean | Bevell, Edward | Brame, John | Bugg, Jesse | Chandler, David | Draper, Joshua | Frankling, Owen | Gold, Daniel | Harper, John | Hyde, John Sr. | Jefferies, John | Jones, John Sr. | Keeton, John | Knight, Joseph | Lark, Robert | McGuire, John | Mealer, Philip | Moore, Thomas | Poindexter, Philip | Poindexter, Sarah | Rhodes, William | Smith, Augustin | Stevens, Mary | Taylor, Jesse | Vaughan, Mildenredge | Walker, Henry | Williams, Jones | Witton, Richard 

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Lunenburg Co. VA Genealogies and Histories #virginiapioneersnet

Lunenburg County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Indexes to Probate Records

Lunenburg County

A familiar reference to genealogists is "The Old Free State" and this is because as the War Between the States was approaching reality, Lunenburg County informed the Commonwealth of Virginia that it would break off and join North Carolina if they did not join The Confederacy. Some of the first settlers were: Ziner Gregory, William Taylor, William Ragsdale, William Johnson, William Hood Jr., William Ambrose, Edmund Bacon, George Hatchell, George Clarke, Henry Gill, Green Smithson, Henry Freeman, Edward Jordan, Archibald Hatchell, Bass Fowlke, Baxter Jordan and James Hazlewood. 

Lunenburg County Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Images of Wills 1810-1818
Testators: Bagley, Anderson; Barnett, Joel ;Betts, Barbara ;Betts, Riston ;Bohanon, Joseph ;Brown, Robert ;Burnett, Jeremiah ;Cameron, John ;Crafton, Thomas; Edwards, Elzabeth ;Erskins, Alexander ;Gardner, John ;Gee, Benjamin ;Gee, Mary ;Gordon, Elizabeth ;Hazlewood, Daniel Sr. ;Hightower, Nelson ;Jeter, Armstead ;Jones, Peter Sr. ;Jones, Thomas ;Jones, Thomas(2) ;Jordan, Thomas ;Lambert, Jeremiah ;Ragsdale, John ;Saffon, Matthew ;Slaughter, John ;Stone, Richard Sr. ;Tatum, William ;Tomlinson, Benjamin ;Wilkes, Minor ;Williams, William
Digital Images of Wills 1818-1826 
Testators:Abernathy, William; Andrews, George ;Ambrose, William;Bacon, Edmund ;Billups, John ;Blackwell, Robert ;Blackwell, Thomas ;Boswell, John ;Branch, Jones ;Brown, Stephen ;Brown, Thomas H. Burnett, Joel;Cabaniss, Sterling; Carter, Mary Ann; Chambers, Thomas;Chappell, Robert; Clarke, George;Clay, Olive; Craghead, Mildred; Dunn, Billington; Ellis, Thomas; Fowlke, Bass ;Fowlkes, Jennings; Freeman, Henry; Freeman, Thrower ;Gee, Jesse Sr.; Gee, Nowel; Gill, Henry; Gregory, Ziner; Hamlett, Jesse ;Hatchell, Archibald;Hatchell, George;Hatchell, Phebe;Hatchell, William; Hazlewood, James;Herring, Stephen ; Hood, William Jr.; Jackson, Elizabeth;Jefferson, Martha;Jeffriess, Thomas ;Johnson, William; Jordan, Baxter ; Jordan, Edward ;Jordan, Susanna; Knott, Robert; Leonard, William; Lightfoot, Elmira;Masters, Rebecca; Parrott, William ;Phillips, Robert;Potts, Nathan ;Ragsdale, William;Ryland,Thomas;Shellbourne, James;Smith, Elizabeth; Smith, Joseph M.;Smith, Robert;Smithson, Green;Taylor, William; Vaughn, David ;Wilkinson, John;Williams, Agness;Winn, Francis; Winn, John; Winn, John Sr.; Winn, Ossamus;Winn, Priscilla; Winn, Sarah


Lunenburg County Marriages 1819 to 1825 found in Will Book 1818-1826

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills and Estates 1810-1818
  • Index to Wills and Estates 1818-1826

County and Probate Records to Help you Find your Virginia Ancestors

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